Instructor: TIM KIRKMAN
Student Advisor: LAINEY WOOD

2/27/18 – I was just looking over the Weston chapter on Script Analysis and once again I was struck by how comprehensive it is. It's almost a distillation of all of the tools you need to get a scene on its feet. I want to do a few exercises in class that will help sharpen the tools for your second projects, starting tonight. If you have time, glance through that chapter and start thinking about what type of scene you might like to take on for Project 2. I'm also handing out the mid-semester quiz. It will come entirely from the reading, so make sure you keep up! It will be due at beginning of our next class, which is the last one before Spring Break. Looking forward to seeing your films tonight and next week.

1/24/18  — Great class last night. Thank you all for working so hard and for putting your energy and effort into the audition simulation. I was encouraged to see you implementing the "tools" Weston outlined in her text. Alex B, thanks for being prepared to lead us last night; would you be willing to lead next week, as well? We can do TWO presentations next week. Between now and next Tuesday,  January 30, I need to receive an email from GROUP A and GROUP B with your choices for scenes. I'll need the scene as a PDF and the name of the screenplay the scene comes from. If you can't make a PDF of the scene, just send the entire screenplay and let me know which pages the scene is on. GROUP A needs to send me their CHARACTER BREAKDOWNS anytime today (Wednesday, 1/24) by end of day. GROUP B's CHARACTER BREAKDOWNS are due next Tuesday, January 30. As Lainey reminded you in your email... if you plan to apply to direct for 480, your P1 scene will be part of your application, so choose something you are genuinely excited about. Reach out if you need help and consider these two things this week: (1) Every problem has a solution; and (2) When in your life have you felt confidence and what factors contributed to that feeling? 

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